Not a Love Letter…

This is not a love letter.

Brandon Ferguson. The goofiest, silliest boy. The sweetest and kindest man. The smartest and most determined. He is a rare one for sure.

His laugh makes me laugh. His smile makes me smile.

No, we do not have a perfect relationship. We bicker. We argue. We give each other the silent treatment. But in all of that little speck of hurt, I wouldn’t change anything.

There was once a time where I thought I wasn’t going to find anyone. No guy would want to date me or even marry me. But there goes God changing up the “plans” I had in my little mind.

As I sit and watch him study for hours and hours, I see the determination. I see the kindness in his heart to care for people. I see the love he has for his family and his best friends. I see the love he has for the Lord that gave him the ability to do so. I see the love he has for me.

I see the hardship he faces as he prepares for a test. I see the stressed eyes after he has worked and studied all day. I see the tiredness of his body when he is nervous for an exam.

Yet he still manages to do all of this and still love and treat me so well. He encourages me in my faith and loves me unconditionally. He prays for me. He loves me. He loves the Lord. That’s all I could ask for.

No, this is not a love letter.

This is an answered prayer.

Thank you Brandon.




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  1. jkmiller95 says:

    This is beautiful ❤️

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