Oh sports…

If you are someone who plays sports or has experienced an injury or going through one right now… this might be good for you to read.

Trust me I know the feeling of having an injury and sitting on the bench, watching everyone else run and play the game you love. And it’s really hard! And I truly believe that no athlete is truly tested until they’ve stared an injury in the face and then come out stronger. You might be thinking in your head that “I’ll never do what I love again” or “why did God let this happen to me?” Been there… done that… waste of time thinking that.

Don’t let an injury define who you are. Don’t let an injury take over your life because honestly it’s only a certain amount of time in your life. You’ve got a lot of life to live. Don’t wallow in your injury. Don’t use it as an excuse and don’t over exaggerate it. You are just setting yourself back even further from the finish line.

Don’t wait for something to happen. Don’t be bitter. Don’t be mad or angry or sad. Don’t complain. Get up and continue on. Set a goal and reach it. And if you are setting little goals each day then reach those little goals and you are one step closer.

About a month ago I played my last game of soccer. There I was, a freshman in college, playing my favorite sport. Soccer is my passion and will forever be. To not continue playing makes my heart ache and my stomach sink. You NEVER know when something stops you from playing. Maybe you have an injury that won’t allow you to play again. Maybe something came up that won’t allow you to play again. You never know.

Those that are healthy… don’t forget that awesome game that you are able to play. It could be gone in just a few seconds. It could sneak up on you and surprise you. Embrace every second you have with your team, your coaches, your field.

Those that are injured… be your absolute best. Challenge yourself and lead your teammates. Work extra hard on those early Saturday mornings while every other player is sleeping. Get ahead and love it. Have passion for your game. The best athletes put their injuries behind them. Those injuries are just a little bump in the road. They’ve got nothing on you.  Image result for quotes about sport injuries


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