Mother’s Day Gift Guide…

Want to know something super funny? Even though Mother’s Day is this Sunday, I already gave my mom her gift (about two weeks ago). It is very hard for me to keep a gift for more than a week so I went ahead and gave it to her… oops. #sorrymom

What are you supposed to get your mother when she deserves the world and all you have in your pocket is a paper clip, a gum wrapper, and three dollars……

SO… here is a helpful list on gifts to get your momma (on a tight budget):

  1. CRAFTS: Anything and everything you make for your mom, she will keep. Mothers absolutely love crafts because you spend your time and effort on making it. Make a picture frame with a picture of your mother and you. Make matching bracelets.
  2. COOK: Moms cook so much. Don’t you think it would be nice to make a homemade meal for your mother on Mother’s Day?????
  3. CLEAN: Maybe your mom has some things that she didn’t get to clean during the week (whether that be organizing something or even just cleaning the dishes for the whole week).
  4. MEMORIES: You could always put together a memory book (picture book, whatever you want to call it) and share your favorite memories with her. (Almost like the craft gift idea).
  5. FLOWERS: Don’t just get your mother flowers to put in a vase on Mother’s Day… plant her flowers outside that she would love! This also helps the flowers last longer than the ones you buy at stores.
  6. THANK YOU CARDS: Mom’s love cards but don’t just write “I love you, you are a great mom”… (BORING). Write something that will make her cry šŸ˜€ #sorrynotsorrymom
  7. Lastly… show her some love every day. Don’t just think that Mother’s Day is the day that you should show her you love her. SHE GAVE BIRTH TO YOU. And I am pretty sure she spent everyday trying to make you feel loved šŸ˜‰

Hopefully you enjoyed this little blog and got some ideas!! xoxo



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