The End of My Freshman Year of College…

What am I doing with my life?

My answer to this questions: Whatever God has in store…

A lot of things have changed during my freshman year of college. Some days were awesome and others were tiring and sad. But I know that God has an awesome plan for me and I am truly excited to live it out. Here is a little info on what I will be doing after my freshman year…

Sadly, I will not be attending Cedarville University anymore. Shock to many and a shock to me. I don’t completely understand why God doesn’t want me there but I fully trust Him. Cedarville was an amazing school and I learned so much. I met amazing people and friends and I hope our relationships will last for a long time. I was able to play my favorite sport (aka soccer if you didn’t know) at a D2 college (definitely the worst thing that could end). I will for sure miss soccer, Cedarville, and the people in it.

BUT a new scene has taken place. I will be going home and taking online Liberty classes starting this summer. I will also be working two jobs, one being with the awesome Jena Powell and her business! I will continue uploading blogs and I will start uploading videos as well! SO STAY TUNED FRIENDS

Lastly, I will be starting a bible study for high school girls, called Worth It, with my best friend Hunter Prikkel!! We are extremely stoked and excited about this. Hunter and I have always loved sharing the gospel and to be able to share it with high school girls is our dream come true. We are truly blessed with the opportunity!

I hope this gives a little insight on what will be happening in my life! I encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and be able to just let God do whatever He wants with your life (my life is so much better with Him leading it). Although we may not understand the directions, always be joyful and happy no matter what may come along.


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