Body Image

Let me first start out saying that I am very insecure. I have struggled with insecurity for quite a while. It surprises me that I am actually blogging about this. But I believe that every girl struggles with different insecurities and I think that some of us find it hard to admit. So here I am… admitting it.

My mother is someone who I inspire to be like. Despite what the world thinks about body image, she could care less! In fact she is the most beautiful person I know. But sometimes she talks down about herself and it makes me sad. How could someone be so beautiful but not think that they are?

WAIT A MINUTE!! We all do that.

There are days that I think my hair is crazy and a mess (sometimes it actually is). There are days where my face decides that my acne medication isn’t working. There are days where the mirror mocks my small body. There are days where I shouldn’t have had salty, fattening foods. Why aren’t you pretty without makeup? Why don’t you have curves? Why don’t you have a clear face? Why don’t you have straighter or whiter teeth? Why don’t you have this?? ETC ETC ETC.

I’m telling ya, it’s terrible that I think this. These thoughts can drown out God actually telling me I’m beautiful. I don’t realize the beautiful features that God gave me. And I honestly think a ton of girls are in the same boat.

Why don’t you have a toned body? Why are you fat? Why are you skinny? Why are you tall? Why are you short? Why aren’t you like what the world wants you to be?

So here is a little message to those who struggle with insecurities and please tell yourself this every day…

Stop being unhappy with yourself. You are beautiful. You are stunning. You are magnificent. You are priceless. Love your features. Love your body. Love your smile. Draw people in with your smile. Draw people in with your beautiful heart. Love your flaws. Satan makes our mind distort our mirrors. He doesn’t want us to realize that we are beautiful. He doesn’t want us to know that our God loves every inch of us. Everything is so beautiful if you stop looking for flaws. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. You are a work of art. You are a masterpiece. You are absolutely lovely.



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