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I crack myself up because I am currently writing this blog on a dark and gloomy Monday… on my 19th birthday… so I must write a positive blog now right?!!

Living the positive life isn’t always easy. Actually, it can be quite difficult.

Life throws some crazy curve balls at you. I’m sure everyone has experience something. But isn’t that quite comforting? That everyone has been in that boat? Maybe not the same boat… but hey… same ocean 😉

God tells us to live life to the fullest. Why don’t we? What’s holding us back?

There are plenty of things that you can do to make your life positive and joyful.

I’ll go ahead and name a few 😉

  1. Be thankful… realize what you have. Realize how blessed you actually are. Realize that you have certain things that some people don’t have.
  2. Set goals… and don’t lose sight of them. Just because a goal is many miles away doesn’t mean that you can’t reach it. It’ll just take some time. Maybe even a couple of times. Fail = get up and try again.
  3. Don’t let your fears blind you from your future… overcome those fears. Challenge them. And when you beat those fears, make sure you leave some time for celebration.
  4. Healthy body = healthy life. When you are choosing wisely about what you eat and drink, you will have a tremendous amount of energy to do extraordinary things.
  5. Find an optimistic viewpoint in a tough situation. The more you look at the positive things, the more positive you will become.

But let’s talk about image. It is completely okay if you have bad days. You are allowed to have them. But when you get on social media and see “perfect” couples posting “perfect” pictures and cute comments, or the girls that get over a hundred likes on their selfies, or the guys that get over a hundred likes on their selfie, or the person who shows all of the trophies they won… their hard situations are hidden. You won’t be able to see what hardships they face. So don’t be hard on yourself when you don’t see those things in your life. Sometimes people post the smiling selfies to make sure everyone knows that they are happy, even when they might not be at all.

And I’m not saying social media is the only place. Even people at school can portray themselves as “always” happy and positive. Funny thing is, I was one of those kids. Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy … thinking back to my freshman year of high school. I never wanted anyone to know that I was not happy or not okay. And I loveeeee being happy, don’t get me wrong, but I had my bad days too…

So don’t think that everyone can be happy all of the time. But the more you try and be positive, the happier your life will be. You’ll love the outcome. I can promise you that.

BTW my awesome and adorable friend Lindsay Boone came up with this title 😉


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