Dear High School Seniors…

Time is precious. It’s something that us humans take for granted. Sometimes we want time to go fast. But then, as we grow older, we wish time would slow down. Time is something that we cannot change nor can create. But what we can change is how we use our time. And we are only given this one life to live.

One day, you will not be a high school student anymore. You won’t be able to play with your best friends on your athletic team. You wont be with your best friends in the band or act and sing with them in the musicals. You won’t be able to sit with them in lunch everyday and telling them about your week or what you did. You won’t have to ask people to dances or be asked to dances. You won’t have the same teachers. You won’t have the same amount of free time. You won’t have your home to go back to after a long day of school. You won’t be able to relive any of those moments…

The years go by so fast. And we just watch it go.

I am only a freshman in college and I wish I could relive some moments, if not all of them. You don’t really realize this until you are looking back.

As you go on to graduate…

First of all, congratulations. You are taking an enormous step. And I hope and pray you give 110% effort in what your future holds. You should be proud of how far you have come.

But each day goes by and there aren’t many days left for you to be in high school.

Don’t watch those days go by.

Live them to their fullest. Do your best to not take time for granted. Like I said, time is precious. Talk to people you have never talked to. Do things you have never done. Fill your time with joy and happiness. Put in that extra hard work. Get things done.

Because one day you will not be in high school anymore. Don’t wish it away. Before you know it, you’ll be a freshman in college looking back on your high school years, wishing you could relive it…


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