It blows my mind that God gives me these bursts of joy, peace, and happiness when I am completely drained and exhausted. Last week was the busiest week of my freshman year (so far). I had many essays due, in which I had to go to the writing center a couple of times (they help you with your essays), had multiple reading assignments, an exam to study for and take, meetings, soccer training, etc. I was exhausted by Tuesday… TUESDAY!!!! I honestly was worried about how I would have the energy to get through the week.

But God is good. God is faithful. He is understanding. He is merciful and graceful. He is full of love and patience and kindness. Since He is all of these things, He decided to give me little bursts of peace and joy. If you are looking for calmness during the storms or a boat to take rest on… He is the perfect solution. God is.

Maybe you have had a rough week as well. Maybe work was extremely exhausting or maybe you were sick and still had to go to school. Maybe you had a family member that you took care of because they were ill. Maybe you were in charge of multiple important, business meetings. Maybe you are a working, single mom who is stuck on deciding how to use your money wisely. Maybe you are a stay at home mom who cleans and cooks all day so that your family can enjoy quiet time while you don’t. Maybe you are a father who works all day to give the family a shelter and food.

There are many days where it might seem like you don’t know how you’ll carry on.

But God will make us strong. He will make us run and not grow weary. Walk and not faint. God will stand firm by our side through everything.

So take joy in the fact that we can find stillness in God. Open your eyes so that you can see His endless peace.

“Though oceans roar, You are the Lord of all, the one who calms the wind and waves and makes my heart be still. Though the earth gives way, the mountains move into the sea, the nations rage, I know my God is in control.” – Shane and Shane Psalm 46




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