Tree what?? TREE HUT!!

Guys are so hard to buy for…whyyyyy??? Before last Christmas, I was looking for a super original gift for Brandon (my boyfriend). I was going crazy because I didn’t just want to get him something random. I was scrolling through Instagram one day and I had came across an advertisement for a company named Tree Hut. They had a beautiful picture of a watch that was engraved as well! I thought to myself, GUYS LOVE WATCHES!! So of course I had to look into it. As I scrolled through their website, I found so many cool things. They sell wood watches and wood sunglasses (pretty unique I know). They have leather, wood watches (which is what I got Brandon) and wood chain watches as well!! The face of the watches are amazing too. They even have matching couple watches 😀

I finally scrolled past the one that I thought would be perfect for Brandon. Got it for him and he absolutely loves it!! The ordering process was smooth and fast and I got just what I wanted when I had it personalized!

GUYS LOOK LOOK LOOK: They currently have a promotion going on for 20% off all their sunglasses on their site

HQXE1237.jpgSTWN1768.jpgTreehut’s back story: “Three years ago, Treehut founders Julia and Joh, took a spontaneous trip to Indonesia. The two were captivated by the natural beauty of the rainforest, stunning views, and beaches. Little did they know this is how the Tree Hut story would begin.

During their trip through the wilds of the jungle, they decided to carve their names into the trunk of a towering tree. To them, this was more than a romantic act, it was the essence of their timeless love.

Leaving a piece of their love back on the Islands, they returned home to San Francisco wishing they could see their initials on the carved tree again. Soon after they started Tree Hut.

Tree Hut has since grown into a small company of 20 dedicated employees forging hand-crafted wooden watches uniquely inspired by the stories of our customers. Julia and Joh wanted to help others engrave their messages, memories, and commemorate special occasions on something permanent-–our watches.

Like our customers, Tree Hut is a community of people chasing the sunlight and unpaved trails. With every watch we make we strive to encapsulate your passion and spirit making sure those treasured memories are just a glance away.”

Treehut Website –
Instagram –
Facebook –


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