Time Management

Okay I am just going to be blatantly honest and say that I use to be terrible at time management. In my early years of High School, I would wait till the last second to do my homework. I also would wait till a couple of hours before I had a test (idk why I did because I got stressed every time!!!). Then around my junior and senior year I would take extra time to do things but yet again I still did not have time management down.

I have learned many things in my freshman year at college. Time management is the big one. Now, you really have to focus and work to achieve different things and I do believe that you also have to work to have “great” time management (if that makes sense). I am whatsoever not perfect at this. But below I have listed things that has helped me(and still does) with my time management skills:

  • Planner/Agenda –> These things are the bomb. Since my class and athletic schedule get sooooooo crazy, I like to list everything that I have going on that day. Normally, on Saturdays or Sundays, I will take about 30 minutes to go through my next month of homework and training days and write them on the appropriate date (sometimes I will write what homework I have on the day before it is actually do so that I can either get ahead or actually submit things on time). This way I can refer back to my planner and see what I have going on and when everything is due.
  • If you have free time, use it wisely –> Recently, my days have been packed with classes, school work, lifting etc. I rarely have free time but when I do, I try to finish homework or study a little extra. DON’T PROCRASTINATE
  • Devote your entire focus to whatever the task is –> Try not to think of other things going on because the current task will take longer than it actually should! Clear your mind and focus on one thing at a time!
  • Figure out what your more important tasks are and then do those first! –> You always want to make sure that you aren’t just “pushing” the harder tasks last. If you wait until the last minute for the tasks that you do not want to do, you will not be able to do them to the best of your ability.
  • Learn to say no!–> This is one thing that I am terrible at because I just want to do everything. You should always choose what the most important things are in your life. Don’t worry about anything else other than what you have completely devoted yourself to. For instance, I have not been able to join a club or organization because I know that with my sport and class work, I would not be able to have time to devote wholeheartedly to anything else. It gets way too tiring if you do!!
  • Watch how much time you spend on your phone/social media or really anything that distracts you from doing the important things. –> Again, this is a huge one for me because I made the terrible habit of getting on different social media sites even if I had just see what was on there. What I like to do when I take breaks from studying or doing whatever task it is, I set an alarm for either 5 minutes so that I have some break time to go on my phone or listen to music.
  • Don’t think about everything that’s on your to-do list.–> If you do, you will just be overwhelmed with everything and therefor you won’t have the urge or motivation to do any of it. Going back to my other tip, devote yourself to one task and then go to the next.
  • Finally… enjoy what you do.–> It would be insanely stupid to be doing things that you don’t enjoy (unless you have actual classes that you don’t enjoy… still do that work;)). Work is work but it can be fun and you will get something out of it especially if you have time management.

Nothing comes easy and it is up to you to change your daily habits and time management. Yeah, you might not get all of these right the first, second, or even third time. But it is worth it in the end and you will accomplish so much more!!!! Oh and don’t forget to treat yourself to some fun things after finishing some tasks ;D



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