Many people struggle when it comes to rushing. 1) They either forget something or 2)they don’t look their best. I struggle a ton when it comes to rushing!!! So here are some tips and tricks that I use (especially in college) when I’m in a rush:

  1. DRY SHAMPOO: It isn’t good to wash your hair everyday anyways but I always use dry shampoo when I am in a rush because it saves me so much time getting ready (you don’t have to wash/dry/style your hair at all).
  2. Set everything out the night before. This is insanely great because if you get everything together, then you won’t have to worry about rushing and throwing everything together in the morning!! This works really well if you aren’t a morning person because you most likely won’t be fully awake to make sure you have everything together for your day.
  3. COFFEE: everyone could use some coffee. I always set out a travel mug by my coffee maker and keep water near so that I can just pop a keurig cup in and go!! This is great for college students.
  4. Make sure you have a back up charger (portable works super well) for your phone just in case you forget to charge it during the night.
  5. Make a to-do list the night before. I know this sounds silly but if you make one of these and check it before you leave, you won’t forget anything.
  6. If you pack a lunch, pack it the night before or at least get most of it ready!
  7. Quick breakfast. You don’t want to skip breakfast so I suggest putting fruit and a granola bar out the night before or make smoothies that will last a couple of days!
  8. If you wear makeup, only pick a couple of items that you could not go without! If you really struggle with this one, try to condense your makeup routine to around 5 min.
  9. HAIR: Braids and messy buns are always a good hair style;)
  10. Easy outfit: don’t go too hard on your outfit but pick out one that makes you feel confident and comfortable :)))))) YOU’LL LOOK BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT

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