Yes my hair is blonde. And I love it.

So in this blog, I thought that I’d talk about where I get my hair done and what I recently did!

Little bit about my hair: I have super thin hair but I don’t like to use much heat and dry shampoo is my BFF.

One of the girls that did my hair a while ago (her name is Alex who did my hair my sophomore year of high school) said that she was working at a new hair salon called Haven. She gave me the name Colleen (by the way she is literally the cutest person ever) and we set up an appointment! My first time going to Haven to get my hair done was so great. Since winter was coming up I had wanted to have my hair a little darker so Colleen did a Balayage on my hair. WHICH SHE DID AN AMAZING JOB. She gave me exactly what I had wanted!!!

Then later on (about three days ago) I went in with another idea of what I wanted my hair to be. AND YET AGAIN COLLEEN WAS AMAZING. I can’t express it enough that Haven is such a cute and wonderful place to go get your hair done and I TOTALLY recommend it. The girls are all so sweet and the place is the cutest. You get exactly what you want and your surroundings just make you want to stay longer. I have seen the other wonderful girls do their job and I am 100% positive that they all know their stuff, let me tell ya. I don’t really know a whole lot about hair but Colleen definitely helped! By the way, they are about the friendliest girls ever and so easy to talk to. Their building is literally the image of a Pinterest house (adorable pillows, cute decorations, you name it). They have coffee for you to sip on while you get your hair down. One of my favorite things ever are the products they use on your hair. They have extremely good products and also sell them at a good price in the store. My hair always smells so good after!

So here is a picture of what my hair looked like a couple months ago


And here is my hair now!!!!


Havens Address: 350 W National Rd
Vandalia, OH 45377

Havens Facebook: @havensalonohio



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