Keep it real…

“Keep it real”. This cute little quote is actually written on a wooden sign that’s just chillin’ on my desk in my dorm. I really love quotes if you haven’t noticed. What is so crazy to me is that this little quote means the world to me. What do you think when you hear the words “keep it real”? I’ll tell you what I think it means…

I absolutely think that society and social media has changed our world. I believe that a lot of it has been awful but yet some of it is great and inspiring. I guess it kind of just depends on how people use it (meaning more of social media). Currently, all I see on social media right now is different opinions about the women’s march (I can explain my opinion in a different blog) and how everyone is bashing each others opinion. But what I also see is how much society corrupts the minds of boys and girls. Nowadays, young kids are getting Instagram and Twitter accounts and finding out how to “live” their life based on other people, such as some celebrities or people with more than a thousand followers (I guess that is what makes people important). Now I loveeeeee the encouraging people on social media; like I said I think there are good aspects of it. BUT… I really really hate how society says that you don’t have to be perfect yet they want perfection (shout out to NF for that line). And it is totally true. Society wants you to be you but yet they have a certain standard that is only acceptable.

So, back to the quote that I had said at the beginning of this blog (yes I know I get carried away with different things), “keep it real” for me means that you don’t really care what people think about you. You don’t let different social media accounts distract you from your actual uniqueness. I know many people who would say they love those that show their uniqueness (I sure do). Now I am not saying that it is bad to have a ton of followers on these accounts. But I do think it is bad if you want them for the wrong reason. Maybe it’s you wanting attention. Or maybe you just will feel like you belong if you are like everyone else. WELL HERE IS A HINT: you are you and that is your power. If you were the same person that you are trying to be like, who would love you for who you actually are? Would you even love yourself? Besides, it’s exhausting to try and be like someone else (I’ve tried and yeah it is pretty tiring).

I can think of so many people that are unique and not afraid to show it. And the coolest thing is, they are seen that way. They are recognized for who they are, not for who they try to be like. One of my friends, Hunter Prikkel, is one of the most sweetest people ever. And I know that it has been challenging for her to stay strong in her faith and spread the light. But she has done that so well and I can already see her making a difference. She doesn’t try to be like anyone else. She just tries to be the woman that God wants her to be. There is also a girl named Hanna Gearhart (whom I don’t know personally) but I just think she is so true to herself and she is only a freshman. She posts so many encouraging things and she’s adorable. So if you are reading this Hanna and Hunter, thank you for what you stand for and I know it can be difficult. And there are multiple people I could write about who use their beautiful, unique gifts but that would take years to complete.

If we had everyone try and “fit in” then we wouldn’t have people changing the world. And that makes me sad because we really do need to change the world. All of this fighting and immaturity needs to stop. We don’t need it.

So what are you personally going to do about it?

Are you going to be the person who is exactly like everyone else? Are you going to try and “fit in” instead of stand out? Are you going to crave attention from a society that really doesn’t understand uniqueness?

Or are you going to be YOU? Not someone else or like someone else, but yourself and use your gifts to change the world.

I really hope and pray you choose the second one. We could use another unique person in this world.






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