Winter Date Ideas???

This is something that the boyfriend and I are so bad at. We both aren’t good at making decisions (I think I just want to do it all) so this creates nights where we do the same exact thing over and over again, not that I am complaining.

During the winter time, there really are a lot of dates you can go on but when it is cold and snowy, it is hard to get yourself up and go. I don’t know how many times Brandon and I have just stayed inside and watched movies for hours.

Here are some date ideas that I have gotten from others as well as myself!

  1. Go ice skating. Yeah, you’ve probably heard of this one before. I love ice skating especially because I am so much better at it than Brandon. Create some laughter in your relationship by watching him slip and fall…;)
  2. Go to a hockey game. This one I have actually never done so Brandon if you’re reading this… let’s go.
  3. Try new restaurants. FOOD is always a good choice.
  4. Try new coffee shops! If you are a coffee lover like my boyfriend and I, you will love going to coffee shops and finding delicious, hot coffee.
  5. BAKE TOGETHER! This is something that needs to happen more often in today’s relationships. Baking together will 1) be hilarious because one of you will mess up most likely and 2) you get to eat food at the end… which might be the best part to some.
  6. Make a gingerbread house or have a gingerbread house competition with other couples. Whether it’s during the holiday’s or just a normal game night with other couples, this is one of the best things to do together in my opinion.
  7. Visit a museum! A little fun tip on this one: try to draw or recreate the art.
  8. Drive around and look at Christmas lights…this is a must. Also see who can sing the loudest when listening to Christmas songs.
  9. Go workout together. Go running or lifting with your best friend!
  10. Have a picnic by the fire place
  11. Take a cooking or art class. This date is so funny and you will see why it is if you do it.
  12. Go bowling. Competition is healthy 😉
  13. Go see Christmas trees!

These are just some date ideas. BUT WAIT. I have a really awesome date idea…


This world is obsessed with their electronics and technology that it distracts many couples from getting to know each other and grow more. Turn off your phones, TV’s, and computers. Maybe the best date idea for this world right now is to actually have a deep conversation with each one another.


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