So I don’t go bald…

Most girls want amazing hair, whether it be short or long! Women just want healthy hair! Here are some ways that I grow out my hair and keep it healthy…

  1. NO HEAT! I rarely ever use heat on my hair. Straightening and curling (or any heat of that matter) won’t help your hair be healthy at all. I have found that either braiding my hair the night before and sleeping on it or just wearing my hair in a bun the next day helps a lot. When I do use heat, I always make sure the tool is on a good heat level for my thin hair.
  2. Don’t wash you hair every single day. Sometimes over washing your hair can do a lot of damage.
  3. Using good shampoo and conditioners help a lot. Try to get items that are actually doing its job and not hurting your hair.
  4. Don’t play with you hair. This is so hard for me but it helps a lot. If you play with your hair a lot, the pieces that you play with will soon break off or just get damaged.
  5. Find good hair vitamins. Don’t fall for the vitamins that are adds on your computer. Most of the time, vitamins just for growing long hair don’t really work. I use “hair,skin, and nails” vitamins found in pretty much every drug store.
  6. Eat healthy. When you eat healthy, your body is healthy! As simple as that.

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