I have a Great Christ

“I have a great need for Christ: I have a Great Christ for my need”.

This quote says it all. Ever since I came upon this quote, I have loved repeating it over and over in my head. Christ is all that we need. He is everything that we should seek and want. But for some reason we want more than the happiness and joy He gives us. Why is that? Why would we not feel full with the love of Christ?

I have asked these questions many times to myself. Why do I go after things and love things that wont fulfill my happiness? I try and seek success in sports, academics, even being a good person. And I crack myself up because every time I focus on these things, I never find fulfillment. But when I go to God and spend more time in my devotions and reading His word, I actually find peace and joy and fulfillment.

You’d think that we would learn from this and not want anything else than what He gives us. But I guess since we are sinful, we don’t look to God to give us what we need. I have a GREAT Christ. Not just a good Christ… a GREAT one. When you hear the word “great”, what do you think of? The definition of the word “great” is of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average. This means that our God is above and beyond the ordinary. If we think that God can’t fulfill our life and our needs, then we are in a dark place. God is so great. Greater than the definition that we have for great. He is everything that we need and even more than that. And we should have a great need for our God.


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