God is good.

This title, God is good, is a common phrase. Maybe to you it means that God has your future in His hands and whatever He does it is for the good. Or maybe you think it means that God is amazing with everything that He does even though some troubles get in the way. God is good all of the time and all of the time God is good. This little phrase means so much to me. Why? Well, keep reading and find out.

Growing up in a christian household was a blessing yet a struggle. I sometimes felt that we had to “look” the part. Meaning that no matter what was going on, we had to be happy all of the time. A lot of people would tell you that I am a happy and smiley person. And while they are correct, I also am a sad and angry person at times. So growing up, trying to make everyone smile was a huge goal of mine no matter what it took to reach that goal. Now I am not saying that I fake being happy because I really do see my glass half full. But what I am trying to say is that no one if perfect and just because you have a blessed and happy life, does not mean you can’t feel sorrow.

Everyone goes through trails. Everyone. Do not think that you are the only one that is going through a struggle. When Jesus died on the cross, he was bearing every sin that anyone did and will commit. I would say that that is a pretty big trial. And guess what? Jesus got through it. He rose from the dead and He completed what He said He was going to do. And we all have the opportunity to go to Him with our struggles and trials. Feeling alone? God understands. Feel like you can’t get out of that dark place? God is standing right by your side. Feel like you are the only one that struggles? God gets it.

A little trial that I went through:

When I was a sophomore in high school, I broke my leg playing the sport that I loved. Not only was my heart and mind devastated but so was the idea of my future soccer career. I honestly can say that was the hardest trial I have ever gone through and I still go through the trial of the pain in my leg. But the amazing part is, God was good. During the ride in the ambulance to the hospital, I was blessed with an EMT that knew God. So while I was in pain and him having to reset the bones in my leg, he encouraged me by telling me to have faith in God. So even a half an hour into my struggle, God was by me. God was also good when during my long surgery, He gave me doctors to heal me. God was good when I started therapy and gave me super awesome trainers to get me back up and playing. God was good when I stepped on to that field again. God was good when He gave me the opportunity to play college soccer.

I know first hand that God is good. And I am sure somewhere in your life you can see where God has been there for you. It is okay to be sad and frustrated when you are going through something. But it is not okay when you rely on yourself to get back up. Because I can assure you, you can’t do it alone. So why not let God??



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