Packing My Life

I leave in about three days for college and what have I packed so far? Food. I’ve had some of the items that I bought for college packed as well but I mainly packed food into one big box. I also have one box filled with little keurig coffee cups that will probably last a life time but hey, everyone needs their coffee (especially me). But here I am having two days left to pack and I barely have anything ready to go.

Packing for college is weird and difficult. I have gone on many vacations, camping trips, and soccer ID camps so I thought that this would be easy. But for all of those trips, they maybe lasted a week or two. I’ve never really had to pack for a trip that was many months long. Instead of only packing a few clothing items, you are packing pretty much all of your clothing items. If it was only so easy to just stick all of your clothes from your closet into a suitcase…

The packing part is quite difficult for me because I tend to pack the night of or if I am really lazy, ill pack the day of. But the process of packing for college kind of needs to start a bit early. And I don’t think that hit me until just now.

So fellow readers if you could, please pray for my packing skills and procrastinating mind. During this whole process I will be drinking lots of coffee so maybe pray for my caffeine levels too… and so the packing begins ;D


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