The Future Begins

Only about 2 weeks left till I leave for college. My four years of high school went by insanely fast, everyone said that it would, but I guess I just didn’t want to believe them. I am happy that high school has passed because that just means that the future is about to begin (featuring the title of this post). When I went dorm shopping yesterday, it finally felt a little real that it was all happening. The late nights for studying, the early mornings for soccer training, the high stress levels, are soon to be here. Am I prepared? Well, no not really. I have never done anything like college so how would I be prepared? But I can tell you that I am confident. I am confident that this is what God has for me and I am confident that I will glorify God in the process. Not only will my faith get me through this journey but so will my strength (not saying I am at all extremely strong like a body builder) but strong minded. Throughout the years of college you will see posts of sometimes amazing, wonderful, heart-warming topics or posts of awful, sad, and super stressful times. It is life. And I am happy to share my daily thoughts and journeys with you.


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